2018-2019 School Budget

Our approved budget meets our goals:

  • Our budget stays within our state mandated tax cap limit of 1%.
  • Our total budget increases $215,775, but $176,000 of this do to unavoidable increases in health care costs.
  • We will use $200,000 of fund balance this year to purchase three buses without  having to take out a loan.
  • We will use $500,000 of our fund balance to balance the budget.
  • Our tax rates are estimated at $8.47 for the Towns of Schroon and Chester and  $7.29 for the Town of North Hudson, the lowest rates of any K-12 district in our BOCES.

Two Vacancies on the Board of Education. Candidates for a 3 year term (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021) are Bruce Murdock, Jacob DesLauriers, Susan Repko.

BUS PURCHASE RESOLUTION RESOLVED: Shall the Board of Education of Schroon Lake Central School District, County of Essex, be authorized to purchase school buses at the maximum estimated cost of not to exceed $200,000.00 and to expend from fund balance an amount not to exceed $200,000.00 to finance such cost?

2018-19 Budget Vote Results