Dear Parents,

I want to congratulate you and your children on a great 5 weeks of school.  Opening school and getting used to the new routine has been challenging.  We could not have opened safely and successfully without the cooperation of our parents, students, faculty, and staff.  We have been particularly impressed with the flexibility of our students.  They really seem happy to be back.
As we look forward to our next five weeks of school, I thought you would value some information about what’s up at SLCS
  • While we fully respect the decisions parents have made to keep their children in remote learning, we are also pleased that more of our students will be returning for in person learning.  As we look forward to school resuming on Tuesday we expect to have 88 % of our 209 students taking part in in-person instruction.
  • With the end of 5 weeks of school will come our 5 week progress reports for our older students   As you may know, we have switched our student data management system this year from powerschool to schooltool.   We look forward to sending out our first schooltool progress reports late this coming week.
  • We hope that all parents of our older students are using the schooltool parent portal to access grades for their children.  If you are having trouble accessing the parent portal, please contact our guidance counselor, Madeline Reynolds ( for assistance.
  • One big challenge our older students are facing this year is the lack of access to school lockers.  Because of the use of PODS, students are not traveling in the halls nearly as much as they usually do.  However, with winter coming it is inevitable that they will be bringing more personal items to school.  The school administration has worked with the student council to put together a plan for storage of personal items.  Seniors have now been assigned lockers that are several feet apart.  Juniors will also be getting lockers soon followed later by sophomores and freshmen.  Student council has recommended the purchase of crates, similar to milk crates, to be purchased for middle school students and older elementary classes to keep in their pods for personal storage.
  • We are sure many people are wondering about our annual Halloween parade through town.  Unfortunately, we will be unable to hold the parade due to safety concerns associated with the CORONAVIRUS.  However, we are currently working on plans to have a holiday drive through candy distribution at the school on Halloween night.  We will give you more details about this event soon.
  • Most parents are probably wondering what a socially distanced school looks like from the inside.  We look forward to showing you.  We have created a committee that is currently making plans for a virtual open house.  The committee, in conjunction with the school videography class, is going to film teachers talking about their various classes and then put the videos together in a virtual open house that parents and students can access remotely.  We will give you more details on this event soon.
  • Things are quieter this year at SLCS with many events and sports being canceled.  However, there is still a lot going on.  The best way for you to keep up with what is happening is to follow our facebook page at or find us on instagram @schroonlakeschool. (
Thank you again for all of your cooperation.  At SLCS we feel very fortunate that we are able to offer full in person instruction everyday to all of our students and that all of our electives and specials (art, music, PE, technology) are still being offered.  This would not be possible without everyone’s help.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve the educational experience of our students.
Stephen Gratto